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Invited Speakers for ICEMI 2022

Invited Speakers

Prof. Jon Dron, Athabasca University, Canada


Professor Jon Dron is a member of the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute and former Chair of the School of Computing and Information Systems, Athabasca University (Canada’s open university). He is also an Honorary Faculty Fellow in the Centre for Learning and Teaching, University of Brighton, UK. Jon has received both national and local awards for his teaching, is author of various award-winning research papers and is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences. Jon’s research in learning technologies is highly cross-disciplinary, including social, pedagogical, technological, systemic and philosophical aspects of technology and learning design & management.


Title: Solving The Wrong Problems: Why Online Education Is and Must Be Different from In-Person Education (Abstract Info.)




Assoc. Prof. Hossein Nezakati, Sunway University, Malaysia


Associate Professor Dr. Hossein has 30 years of teaching experience in management and marketing subjects. His academic activities are complemented with wide managerial knowledge and skills, where he has served as the general manager, board of commanders, sales and marketing manager and consultancy to more than 40 top-ranking companies in the Asian countries accompanied with NGOs collaborations. He has been invited to many conferences, seminars, and workshops as the organizing committee, chairman or keynote speaker around the globe. He has attained numerous awards and honours such as the Distinguished Research Award-USA, Excellent Service Award and Honoured Professorship. He is currently an Executive Committee Member of Case Writers’ Association of Malaysia (CWAM), Board of Directors of Malaysian Association of Business and Management Scholars (MABMS), Chair Ethics Committee, Program Leader and Subject Developer Master level at Sunway University Business School.


Title: Online Distance Learning (ODL)- A new approach and opportunity in the education market (Abstract Info.)



Assoc. Prof. Kathryn MacCallum, University of Canterbury, New Zealand


Kathryn MacCallum is an Associate Professor and Director of the Digital Education Futures Research Lab within the Faculty of Education at the University of Canterbury (UC), NZ. Kathryn is an active researcher in the area of Digital Education and has led and been involved in a number of research projects developing and exploring innovative approaches to the integration of technology within all sectors of education. Her current work explores the broad influence and roll out of digital skills and computational thinking across schools in NZ and the impact this has on digital equity. Kathryn also serves as Editor in Chief for three International Journals that focus on the integration of technology in education. Kathryn is also the current President of the International Association for Mobile Learning (IAmLearn) and is a board member of EdTechNZ. And has been recognised for her teaching by being awarded the National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Award in 2019.


Title: Supporting the creation Mixed Reality (XR) artefacts: And its implications on TPACK (Abstract Info. )




Assoc. Prof. Guoshuai Lan, Henan University, China


Guoshuai, LAN, Ph.D. in Educational Technology,Postdoctoral Fellow in Education from Nanjing Normal University, Associate Professor at Henan University, Deputy Director of the Department of Educational Technology, School of Education, Henan University, and the researcher of Henan Province Education Informatization Development Research Center. He is appointed as a special reviewer for domestic and international CSSCI and SSCI core journals. His research focuses on the application of information technology in education. Dr. Lan has published more than 60 academic papers in CSSCI authoritative journals, and many articles have been reproduced in full text by China Social Science Excellence, China University Academic Abstracts, and China Social Sciences Net. He has presided over and participated in more than 10 key research projects of the National Social Science Foundation for Education, the Ministry of Education's Humanities and Social Sciences Research, and the Key Research Projects of Henan Higher Education Institutions. He has published five academic books in authoritative publishing houses such as Science Press and China Social Sciences Press.


Title: Research on the Theoretical Construction and Practical Innovation of Hybrid Teaching in e-learning Space (Abstract Info.)





Assoc. Prof. Mingming Zhou, University of Macau, China


Dr. Mingming Zhou is currently associate professor in Faculty of Education at University of Macau. She is also serving as the Director of Educational Research Center. Dr. Zhou’s research interests focus on technology enriched classrooms in higher education, educational big data and how technology transforms today’s teaching and learning. Dr. Zhou has published extensively in well-known peer-reviewed journals on these topics. Meanwhile, she has been very active in serving in her journal editorship, conference committees as well as delivering invited talks at different academic occasions. She is also dedicated to local educational community by training local teachers and conducting school-based research.


Title: Dance In Zoom: How to Use Video Conferencing Tools to Develop Students' 4C Skills in Dance Classroom (Abstract Info.)



Assoc. Prof. Azidah Abu Ziden,Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia


Associate Professor Dr Azidah Abu Ziden is a Senior Lecturer in School of Educational Studies, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). She is currently the Deputy Director of the Centre for Development of Academic Excellence (CDAE), USM. Her research interests are in the area of Instructional Design (E-learning & M-learning), Educational Technology, ICT & Multimedia and 21st Century Learning. Dr Azidah has received various award nationally and internationally including University of Canterbury, New Zealand Research Award 2003-2006. As a National E-learning Master Trainer, she conducts trainings to lecturers/educators in instructional design, e-learning approaches, and tools, as well as new approaches of teaching and learning nationally and internationally. Dr Azidah is the recipient for the prestigious Malaysia Academic Award 2017 and was a Gold Award for Best Learning Model (Blended) in LearnX Impact Award 2018 in Melbourne Australia.


Title: Exploring E-Proctored Online Exams for Higher Education (Abstract Info.)